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Цена: 70 р.
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Жанр: Action
Дата релиза: 31.10.1998
Разработчик: Ritual Entertainment
Издатель: Activision
Язык: English
Ссылка на сайт
1 CD

в корзину
Вы можете заказать у нас этот игровой диск - это полная оригинальная английская версия игры

Описание. Информация по игре:

You are John Blade, special security forces commander. You had a tough life to begin with.
You survived, but do you have what it takes to stare into the face of pure evil that is Elexis Sinclaire and destroy it?
Ten years ago in 2027, the city of Freeport was on the verge of collapse. The inefficient and under manned police forces were losing in the long, hard battle against crime. The city needed help, but the overburdened government could no longer cope with maintaining peace on the streets. The government proposed a new bill giving individual corporations the right to form their own private security forces, called sec-forces. These sec-forces would be able to provide private protection to the corporations and citizens of the cities. This bill was passed and a new order of law enforcement was born.
Several well respected sec-forces emerged and one hard hitting group calling themselves HARDCORPS led the way in crime prevention and elimination. The chaos slowly subsided as the sec-forces brought peace and order back to the city.
Colonel John Blade, the owner of HARDCORPS, and his sec-force teams are currently investigating the source of a highly addictive drug called "U4". This drug has been around for some time now, but lately, strange things have been happening to its users. It is up to Blade to figure out who or what is behind this unexplained phenomenon now plaguing the streets and put a stop to it.
The elaborate puzzle slowly unfolds and points towards the brilliant biochemist Elexis Sinclaire. Elexis is an enigma, a maverick in the business world who shows no mercy behind those gorgeous features. She works in the shadows at times and this mysterious vixen is attempting to push the evolution of mankind ahead by a thousand generations and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
Game Features:
Sin is the fully-integrated first-person 3D experience that will push you over the edge. Sin features a character-driven story and revolutionary multiplayer gameplay powered by an enhanced version of id software's QuakeR II engine. You will blast your way through complex levels of unholy terror as you investigate the secret source of the crime epidemic plaguing the city. Sin features six distinct game world regions enriched with convincing graphic detail and a rich interwoven story line.
* Missions with a purpose
Transport yourself into the crime ridden 21st century, which is seething with mutating characters, and blood-curdling violence. Immerse yourself into the intricately woven story line as you weave your way through 6 unique missions. Each mission is intricately connected and brings you closer to finding out the truth about what is truly going on in the shadows of Freeport City. Your actions will always have a consequence as you work through more than 24 levels of intense action.
* Action-Based Outcomes
Gameplay is influenced by your actions - there is no set path. Each time you sit down to play Sin you will have a new experience. Sin's action-based outcomes add increased replayability as players discover that the choices they make influence the game's flow, and consequently the way they reach their destinations. Every decision affects subsequent missions and may result in perilous situations that will draw you in and never let you go.
* Realistic Environments
Sin was designed with one purpose in mind, draw you in and grab you by the jugular. The environments were designed around real world or near future designs. We want you to know where you are at all times. Venture through abandoned buildings, construction sites, a dam, a power station, and a dozen other areas that are so real that you'll swear you've been there before.
* Powered by the best
Sin is a fully-integrated first-person 3-D action game utilizing id software's revolutionary QuakeR II 3-D engine with enhancements such as:
- 16-bit Color graphics in both hardware and software - The increased color depth allows for amazingly diverse textured environments. With the increase of vivid color textures, the visually gripping action truly comes alive.
- Colored lighting in both hardware and software.
- Masked textures - Such as grates, catwalks, and chain-link fences.
- Translucent textures - Such as windows and water surfaces.
- Advanced alpha blending methods for killer explosions and outstanding special effects.
- Script based animation system - Allows each level to have completely unique scripted sequences. This adds a level of realism and interactivity never before seen.
- Full 360o environment mapped skies.
- Hardware support for all popular 3D accelerators via OpenGL.
- DLL-based game code, allowing for amazing expandability opportunities.
* Reactive AI
Battle against an AI that thinks of more than just kill, kill, kill. Sin's AI will react to the surrounding situation. If they take too much damage, they'll duck out and go find a way to heal themselves. Make too much noise while exploring and the nasty hordes will descend upon you. Choose stealth and you might even make it through the area without firing a shot.
* Immersive Music
Music truly sets the mood for any game and Sin will attempt to change what you've seen before with its new music system. This new system will change pace with you as you play the game. If the action is intense the music will begin to boil right along with you, if you're sneaking around looking for the perfect sniper spot the music will creep along with you. With as many as eight unique moods, the music will keep pace with you along with creating a more rich and interesting environment as you explore the world that is Sin.
* Innovative Weapons
Players wield a deadly arsenal of weaponry. You are outfitted with a standard array of weapons that all soldiers carry along with some more unique weapons. This arsenal includes sniper rifles with long range capability and laser sighting; remote control detonation devices; and many more. There are also new extreme weapons so powerful and untested that the results may literally rip you apart.
* Multiplayer Mayhem
You will have the chance to annihilate each other over Modem, LAN/WAN and seamless Internet play. Sin boasts some of the most intense Deathmatch levels ever created. Each of the Deathmatch levels has a unique theme and design behind it as you battle to annihilate each other. You can battle as one of the three main characters in Deathmatch: John Blade, Elexis Sinclair, or J.C. (Blade's sidekick).

Минимальные системные требования игры:

  • System: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (SP3) Processor: Pentium 166 Mhz RAM: 32 Mb Video: PCI or AGP video card with 2 Mb RAM Sound: 100% Sound Blaster-compatible sound card CD-ROM: 4-x speed HDD: 50 Mb free space Keyboard and mouse Multiplayer: * Network and Inter

Рекомендуемые системные требования игры:

  • Processor: Pentium 200 Mhz RAM: 64 Mb HDD: 500 Mb free space Joystick

Рейтинг игры: 24

Оценка игры:

Средний балл: 5
Число голосов: 1
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