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Цена: 70 р.
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Жанр: RTS
Дата релиза: 04.12.1998
Разработчик: Activ Pub Studios
Издатель: Digital Integration
Язык: English
Ссылка на сайт
1 CD

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Вы можете заказать у нас этот игровой диск - это полная оригинальная английская версия игры

Описание. Информация по игре:

Enter the world of Rival Realms, where Diablo meets Command & Conquer, and the phrase "Magic and Mayhem" doesn't even come close to explaining what goes on...
Rival Realms, developed by Activ Pub studios of Romania and published by Digital Integration in the UK, is a new style, real-time tactical strategy game which takes place in a heroic fantasy environment.
Rival Realms is a world of knights and wizards, mercenaries and thieves, where armies of Pegas Riders roam the wilderness and armadas of warships patrol the high seas in search of wealth and adventure.
There are three races (not just the obligatory two) to choose from: the versatile Humans, the magical Elves and the belligerent Greenskins as you take your armies onwards to victory across a fantasy backdrop of mythical beasts, unexplored worlds and uncharted waters.
With absorbing gameplay, an easy to use interface, in-depth tutorials, three immersive campaigns, a comprehensive level editor, internet/network play for up to eight players and, a first for any RTS, the complete tailoring of all individual troops (not just the hero), Rival Realms offers gamers everything they've always loved in an RTS and adds a lot more of what they've always wanted.
Rival Realms features everything that's great about RTS games: an enthralling plot; a wide variety of characters; excellent AI; gut-wrenching battles; bags of visual appeal, a user-friendly interface and, best of all, total replayability.
But what really sets this game apart is the detail and level of game-play on offer; rather than simply charging troops headlong into battle, gamers are encouraged to think about such things as strategies of attack and defence, troop experience and the basic economics of war - troops need feeding, you know!
* Complete tailoring of all your troops
Adding a much needed twist to the RTS genre, Rival Realms is the first game to offer you the chance to build up armies whose troops all have their own individual characteristics.
Every single one of your, and your opponents', troops gains 'personal experience' in battle, and can advance up to a maximum of five experience levels - this way they live longer and their hits are stronger and more accurate.
What's more, each member of your troops has his own individual inventory. More than fifty different items are available to players including magical and skill artifacts, spell scrolls, potions, keys, bombs, resources and bonuses. Another first is that troops can also exchange artifacts and potions between themselves!
* Save your favourite troops in libraries
At the end of a victorious quest, you can even save your best troops in libraries, building up your own elite death squads. Then, at the beginning of future quests, you can hire your favourite heroes, and even change their names and identification colour. These features allow a small army of experienced and well equipped troops to defeat armies numerically superior. This troops feature is also available in multiplayer so that you can pitch your elite squads against your mates in the ultimate head to head.
* RPG element
With all your troops constantly developing and able to collect artifacts which influence your troops attributes in various ways from extra damage capability to increasing your characters speed of attack, Rival Realms takes on an RPG-like quality. The campaigns also feature quests which must be completed before you can advance to the next level.
* User-friendly interface
Rival Realms has an easy to use point and click interface. Players can make homogeneous selection groups which allows them to receive common orders. There is also a 'Multiple Selection Tool' and a 'Shortcut Tool' which allows an easier management of troops, which means that, in the heat of battle, when panic takes hold, 'hot keys' can be used as shortcuts to trigger specifically grouped troops to action.
* Artificial intelligence
The AI allows for a perfect blend of strategy, tactics and action. Rival Realms has a high level of artificial intelligence for both ally and opposition troops making the game both challenging and immersive to play.
The detailed A.I. also ensures realistic maneuvers in combat, ranging from frantic close combat to tactical retreat according to the specific situation on the battlefield.
The A.I.:
* employs different strategies depending on the scenario
* manages resources and troops in a different manner according to the type of strategy chosen in the scenario editor: offensive or defensive
* offers four levels of difficulty
* uses special troops efficiently
* uses intelligent path-finding
* Multi-player campaigns
As well as the highly enjoyable single player campaigns, which include the option to team up with computer allies, Rival Realms also features co-operative and head-to-head multi-player campaigns for up to eight players (these can also feature computer allies or enemies). To up the stakes even further in multiplayer games, the hire troops option allows players to pitch their elite troops against those of a friend.
* Built-in level editor
Rival Realms features a detailed Campaign Editor which allows you to create an infinite number of maps and landscapes to create the campaigns and scenarios you really want to play and exchange them with your friends.
* Three unique races and loads of new characters
Rival Realms features greater culture differentiation with three main races (not just the obligatory two) to choose from; the versatile Humans, the magical Elves and the war-loving Greenskins. Each race has its own unique basic attributes, as well as 14 different types of units, which are specific to their race, and has their own advantages and disadvantages. There are also 12 buildings specific to each race.
Rival Realms features a whole host of new characters to the universe of fantasy RTS. Including:
* Thieves & Spies who steal gold from enemy Castles or Gold Mills; wreak havoc by pick-pocketing gold, food, magic artifacts and potions from enemy troops (or monsters!); and can obtain strategic information from enemy Castles, which is stored in their 'Spybooks'. (The spying option allows the player to see how many troops the opposition has and what resources they have availablel.)
* Mercenaries who for the right price can be hired to fight for your cause. They can be archers, knights, magicians, mages or Pegas Riders to name a few.
* Fire Masters who create bombs that can destroy resources and mountains; turn land into water and water into land and place traps.
* Three immersive campaigns
Rival Realms features three campaigns - one for each race - totaling 60 different missions. What's more, in addition to the race campaigns there are a whole host of custom scenarios which allow gameplay for up to eight players!
* Magic, wizards & spells
Magic is a favourite of all fantasy RTS players and no game would be complete without it. Rival Realms features loads of magical mayhem with wizardry specific to the race and spellcaster!
Most of the attack spells can be pre-set as "default weapon". For instance, select several wizards and pre-set one of them to the 'Frozen Breath' spell and the others to the 'Fire Ball' spell: in combat, your 'Fire Ball' wizards will attack enemies that are immobilised by your 'Frozen Breath' wizard.
Spell casting uses mana, which eventually restores in time, but mana can also be stored in potions: all spellcasters use these automatically in battle, so there's none of the hassle of opting out of battles just to recoup energy!
The magic isn't just confined to Wizards, there are also Druids and Firemasters who can weild this mighty power. What's more there are a whole host of magical artifacts and skill enhancers which players can also pick up, including the Crown of Titans and the Necklace of Dragons.
* Resource management
In Rival Realms players are also encouraged to think about such things as resource management. The progress of each race in the game depends upon the successful management of the three resources needed to support a war: gold, wood and food. Failure to build up enough reserves will impact heavily on the outcome of the war.
* 'Learn as you play' tutorials
To help get to grips with the levels of gameplay there are a number of detailed interactive tutorials which allows players to learn as they play, helping them understand the techniques and interfaces of the game. The game also features 'slide-show' tutorials and hint and tips videos.
* Record your game and replay from any point
Gamers can record their games while they are playing them. Then, later, they can play the recorded file, interrupt it at any moment and continue from that point! This takes out the hassle of going back to old save points.
You can also watch the whole game from a 'Gods Eye' perspective and see what everybody was doing at any moment and the reasons why you lost!
Feature Synopsis:
* choose from one of three different races: Human, Elven and Greenskins, each with its own individual qualities.
* each race has 14 different types of troops (including footsoldiers, aerial combatants and battleships) and 12 different types of buildings
* three campaigns featuring a massive 60 missions! Plus over 20 built in custom games and scenario editor
* every single troop in all your armies gain their own individual experience points and artifacts/items, which they carry with them through campaigns. Experience can be very important to the outcome of battles.
* there is a 'Save Troops' function which allows you to hire your troops from a library for use in your future campaigns (you can even change their name and colour)
* there is a Sim City / Resource Management element to building up troops and citadels from which you wage your wars
* as well as opposing races, players have to contend with 30 mythical creatures
* there are more than fifty different items available to players including magical and skill artifacts, spell scrolls, potions, keys, bombs, resources and bonuses.
* players can also trade artifacts and potions between one another.
* high level of individual and collective troop and enemy A.I. which reacts to the battle and environment in which it is surrounded
* user-friendly interface featuring grouping functions, and hot keys
* numerous attack and defence strategies, including hot-keyed formations for troops in battle
* wizardry, magic and spellcasting, a favourite amongst RTS players, is extremely powerful (e.g.s include 'Berserker' which makes enemy troops fight amongst themselves and 'Poison Cropland' which poisons enemy troops' food sources.)
* multi-player function allowing up to eight players to play co-operative or head to head challenges
* complete level/campaign editor which allows unlimited terrain
* record function which allows player to review game and play it on from any point
* superb character, building and environment animation (including shadows)

Минимальные системные требования игры:

  • System: Windows 95/98 Processor: Pentium 90 Mhz RAM: 16 Mb Video: SVGA graphics card Sound: Windows supported sound card CD-ROM: 2-x speed HDD: 70 free space Keyboard and mouse

Рекомендуемые системные требования игры:

  • Processor: Pentium 166 Mhz RAM: 32 Mb CD-ROM: 4-x speed

Рейтинг игры: 4

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