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Цена: 70 р.
1 CD

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Жанр: TBS
Дата релиза: 10.11.1999
Разработчик: Triumph Studios / Epic Megagames
Издатель: Gathering Of Developers / Take 2 Interactive
Язык: English
Ссылка на сайт
1 CD

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Вы можете заказать у нас этот игровой диск - это полная оригинальная английская версия игры

Описание. Информация по игре:

The Dawn of Humankind
In the early days of Earth, all living creatures were ruled from the Elven Court where Lord Inioch sat upon the throne. Then the mortal Humans came. Banished from their Garden, the Humans set sail for new grounds, and, like a wrathful tempest, came ashore in the Valley of Storms, where the Elven Court lay.
The Humans rained down upon the Elven court without warning or mercy. Lord Inioch was cut down in cold blood. Queen Elwyn, Inioch's second wife, managed to flee the Court with her daughter, Julia. Prince Meandor, Inioch's son by his first wife, was left for dead.
The fall of the Elven Court sharply divided the Elves' vision for the future of their humbled race. Some Elves, intent on restoring peace to the land, sought only to rebuild. Others saw only one recourse-the extermination of the Human race. The Elves who harbored this unquenchable hatred became known as the Dark Elves.
Inioch's Bloodline
Unable to maintain order after the fall of Inioch and the Elven Court, the Elves established secluded realms throughout the lands. Queen Elwyn made her new home on a remote island, where Princess Julia grew up and was schooled in history, philosophy, and the arts, as well as armed combat and magic. Upon reaching adulthood, Julia was introduced to The Keepers, a secret society established to protect the earth, make peace and prevent bloodshed, while maintaining as much of the legacy of the Elven Court as possible.
During the sacking of the Elven Court, young Prince Meandor hid under the bodies of fallen guardsmen, watching helplessly as the Humans slew his relatives and closest friends. When the carnage finally ceased, Meandor fled for his life. When the Elven community split into two opposing philosophical camps, he sought out the Dark Elves. Here, he found support for his hatred for the Humans and his repulsion for those Elves, especially his stepmother, whom he felt had forsaken him.
With the weight of his royal descent behind him, Meandor founded a secret faction of Dark Elves called the Cult of Storms. With aid from the other races of darkness, the Cult organized a global campaign of terror against the Humans, Elves and anyone that opposed their dark ideals.
Silence before the Storm
An eerie new star appeared in the eastern night sky, a beacon to the Human-infested Valley of Storms where the ruins of the Elven Court lay. The sages and seers could only explain it as an omen of change or doom. After countless wars between the various races and factions, an uneasy silence engulfed the lands.
The Cult of Storms was rumored to be plotting the resurrection of Inioch and the rule of a new world order, which would include the extermination of the Humans. But despite their many ears, The Keepers could only guess when and how the storm would be unleashed.
- Technical
* Native Windows application with DirectX support, runs in a window or full screen.
* Easy to use point-and-click interface with tool tips and online help
* DirectPlay and Play-by-email (PBEM) support for multiple players on a single PC or over Internet, LAN, modem, or direct connection.
* Choice of Round Robin or Simultaneous turn schemes for multiplayer games. Simultaneous turns greatly speed up multiplayer games!
* 16-bit color, 640x480 SVGA graphics, with support for resolutions up to 1280x1024.
* Story-driven, nonlinear single player campaign with multiple endings.
* Easy to use scenario editor and tools for the creation of custom heroes and artifacts.Rich, orchestral soundtrack and digitized sound effects.
- Strategic
* Twelve playable races, each with their own personality, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.
* Wide variety of strategic decisions involving siege units, heroes, magic, immunities, stealth, and loads of special abilities - not just a war of numbers!
* Huge, detailed maps including subterranean areas, terrain interaction and dozens of special locations.
* Exciting magic system including spell research and over 100 spells spread over 7 spheres of magic.
* Dynamic maps allow for powerful terrain modifying spells and abilities.
* Choice of automatic (fast combat) or turn-based tactical combat.
* City sieges which require breaching of the city's outer wall.
* In-depth racial relations with city and unit morale paradigms.
- Role Playing/Adventure
* Experience system allows units to advance in power. Hand-tailor your heroes as they grow in experience and power.
* An unfolding story (in the single-player game) in which player decisions influence the outcome of the entire fantasy realm.
* Explore mysterious places: loot monster lairs, castle ruins, and crypts, and free prisoners from dungeons.
* Hundreds of items to uncover and spells to wield.

Минимальные системные требования игры:

  • System: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (SP4)
  • Processor: Pentium 166 Mhz
  • RAM: 32 Mb
  • Video: DirectX compatible, capable of 16-bit high color display
  • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
  • CD-ROM: 4-x speed
  • HDD: 350 Mb free space
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Multiplayer:

Рекомендуемые системные требования игры:

  • Processor: Pentium II 266 Mhz

Рейтинг игры: 14

Оценка игры:

Средний балл: 5
Число голосов: 3
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